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Some Of The Reasons You Should Consider A Kinetic Watch

There are many kinds of watches out there; some have classic elegance, while others are trendy and flashy. The styles, shapes and brands are too numerous to count but there's a watch on the market that is so innovative that it's begun a whole new generation of watches.

Kinetic watches are becoming all the rage. They are truly new age watches in that they don't run off of batteries, but rather the movement of the wearer's wrist. They were first introduced as Auto Quartz watches in Germany, in 1988 by the well known Japanese company Seiko. The system used to run them was called the Automatic Generating System. They re-dubbed the watch "Kinetic", in 1997.

Aside from the fascinating fact that the watches do not require batteries or winding, they also feature what Seiko calls the Kinetic Auto Relay, which will conserve power if the watch does not move for 72 hours. The watch will also keep an accurate, four year record of the time.

Other watch companies, such as Critique and Swatch, have made attempts to put out such watches, but they were unsuccessful doing so.

Inventing a watch that runs solely by human movement is a huge advancement in technology. The way it works is the watch has a pendulum that rotates. The pendulum is connected to a large gear and the gear is meshed with a small pinion. Movement from the wearer causes the pendulum to turn, which in turn makes the pinion spin. The high speed that the pinion turns at, actually powers a tiny generator. The watch also contains small capacitors that the generator charges. These capacitors can store up to 6 months of power to keep the watch running even if the wearer takes it off. This technology is so advanced and innovative that Seiko holds over fifty patents on it.

Most of the watches only come in men's sizes, due to the calibers being both large and heavy. Some of the models that Seiko offers include the Kinetic Perpetual. This watch contains a perpetual calendar that goes all the way to the year 2100. It even adjusts for leap years. Another very cool feature is that it will "sleep" after 24 for hours where no movement has passed. This conserves the energy in the watch. After putting the watch back on the wrist a mere shake will cause it to reset and reactivate it. You don't have to worry about resetting the time because that's done automatically.

Another model that Seiko offers is the Kinetic Chronograph. This particular watch offers features such as holding a charge for 5 months, overcharge prevention technology and energy depletion forewarning functions. It has four times as many wheels than normal quartz watches and reduces power consumption.


Why Citizen Watches Are Becoming A Standard In The Watch Industry

Citizen watches were first introduced to the public in 1924. Up until now watches were just awkward things you wore to be able to tell time. Citizen watches changed their watches by creating a watch that was light weight and was light on the wrist and could have all the features and more of the old. Since they changed they have become known as one of the biggest watch making companies in the whole world.

The main reason why they have a place in the watch market today is because their specific brand has quality touches to it. This type of watch is worn by many and has a great since of quality you can choose from many types of citizen watches. Also they are of not many companies to take risks. In the world today watch industries work together to produce the best line of watchers there is but citizen is its own and makes its own styles and sorts.

When Citizen first started in 1924 they just wanted to have everything and more choices than everyone else. They wanted to take out others by being unique. The first watch to show shock resistance was citizen. Till the citizen people were often breaking watches now they aren't and own a citizen watch. Office and business owners you would usually see back in those times with a pocket watch, well today do you still see that, that is because citizen took over the watch industry.

After they took over and were in control and they knew it they made a diving watch. Not only was this watch water proof you could dive with it to depths nobody else in that time had done with a watch. Today you see these diving watches everywhere and it was from the company citizen why they are flourishing today.

Their latest watch and maybe even their best make yet is the Eco drive system, it is of the greatest quality and only available from only Citizen Watches. To say again this is only from Citizen, the other watch companies may have something like it but its not the real thing until it's a Citizen watch. For Citizen, creating the watches they have today has made their company what it is now. If they wouldn't have taken over the industry then they wouldn't be what they are today and would have the most selling watches. They are still and are still going to be in the future the top selling watches because they are affordable and are of great quality. So go out today and get your citizen watch before you forget and buy a watch that isn't quality and isn't a citizen watch go now.


Some Ideas For Choosing The Perfect Watch For The Man On Your Gift List

When looking for the perfect gift for the man in your life a watch is an excellent idea. Watches can be as individual as the man himself. Watches are something a man needs regardless of his career or hobbies. Finding the perfect watch for him isn't difficult when you consider his likes and dislikes. It will be a purchase he can use for years to come.

There are many styles of watches to choose from. You will find great success when you consider his use, style and need.

The classic style of watch is simple. You can find them in gold, silver, and platinum. They are stylish but not gaudy. There is an elegance to them that shows of the sophistication of the man himself. This is a great choice for the businessman in your life. This watch can be worn daily but also looks great for an evening out on the town. It is generally higher in price but well worth it, they will last for years to come.

The sports watch is perfect for the avid hunter in your life. These watches are more rugged and will stand up to a bit of abuse. With features such as stopwatch, underwater capabilities, these are great if the man in your life enjoys any kind of sports. They are varied in style and you can find one to fit the sports he loves.

If there is a history buff in your life why not consider something vintage? There are antiques such as pocket watches and early American era. They may take a bit more shopping around to find the perfect watch but he will be proud to wear it and show it off. Replica pieces are also a great conversation starter that will be sure to please.

Sometime the watch you are looking for is for occasional use only, such as evenings out or sports on the weekends. Classic watches are excellent for the blue collared worker who would like to dress up and unwind on the weekends.

Sports watches are an excellent choice for the man in your life who likes to hit the gym. With stopwatches, and underwater ratings his workout will go that much faster.

A wristwatch is also a great gift for a male friend. There are so many styles that you can find one that will say you care without going overboard. For the student graduating from high school or college, a watch is a great gift to welcome them into their new career.

With so many options available today for watches it is easy to find the perfect watch for your man. Paying special attention to his wants and needs and you can find a watch to fit his life.


How To Care For Your Luxury Watch To Make It Last As Long As Possible

If you decide to purchase a luxury watch, you will also want to make sure you take good care of your watch. Proper care and maintenance of your watch will extend the life of the watch, and ensure that you get your moneys worth. What is the point in spending all that money on a watch if you are not going to take proper care of it.

All watches come with an instruction manual that should include instruction on how to care for your watch. Each watch is different so pay attention to what your watch can and cannot withstand. Refer to your instruction manual to properly set your watch, and to properly take care of it. Some watches may have special instructions that you need to know.

Water Resistant

When purchasing a watch make sure you check to see how water resistance it is. If you plan on wearing your watch while swimming make sure you buy a watch that can withstand these conditions. Waiting until you have exposed your watch to water would not be a good time to check its resistance level. You can purchase watches that are specifically made for diving and swimming.

Salt water can also cause more damage than regular water. Salt water can cause corrosion, so if you plan on being near salt water a lot you may want to check into a watch that can withstand these conditions. If your watch does come in contact with more water than is allowed, be sure to take it to someone to have it looked over. A specialist should be able to tell you the extent of the damage, and if it can be repaired or not.


You should also try to avoid leaving your watch in extreme heat or cold for extended periods of time. If you will be staying in extreme temperatures make sure you purchase a watch that can withstand the circumstances. Extreme heat tends to shorten the battery life of a quartz watch, and extreme cold can cause the watch to stop keeping time accurately.


Another thing to take into consider is how much shock your watch will be in. If you are a runner you may want to either not wear your watch, or purchase one that is capable of withstanding this type of shock. Make sure you check before you buy the watch or wear it running to make sure it will withstand the conditions.

Avoid Contact

You should also try and avoid contact with any chemicals, solvents or gases while wearing your watch. These items may cause discoloration, deterioration, or other damage to your watch. Most watches are also not made to withstand strong electric fields or static electricity. Common household appliances do not pose a threat to your watch however.

After you purchase your watch make sure you take proper care of it. The watch and band should be cleaned by a specialist. You should also take your watch in to a specialist on a regular basis to be serviced. Your manual may have a suggestion as to how often you should do this. Just remember that your watch will last longer if you take proper care of it.


A High Quality Dive Watch - Don't Leave The Boat Without One

In the ocean it is a whole other world from ours. Bright colors and diverse corals can bring divers from all around the world. You should always remember your gauges and regulators when diving down. When you are diving it is very simple to forget about the time. This can be of trouble to some as they forget and air supply is only an hour to 2 at most. One of the best tools that has been made is the scuba watch. These types of watches can be used down to depths of 300 to 500 meters. These scuba watches come with off sorts of gadgets such as temp readings alarms time and many other things as well. Every one of these things can help you from dieing or being injured under water while diving.

Citizen, Invicta, Luminox, Seiko, happen to be a very good brand in diving watches. They look good but what they can do is even better about them. The Citizen watch has a few watches of interest to many. The Promaster Aqualand's stainless steel look makes this a classy choice. The Eco-Drive is the maker's titanium offer in a quality dive watch. The watches both have a water resistant to 600feet and a host of other gadgets as well.

Invicta's Pro Diver Automatic is yet another stainless choice in a dive watch. Water resistant to 660 feet, it is a better choice to many divers. Invicta's Pro Diver doesn't need any batteries and cannot be scratched. The Luminox Navy Seal Dive Watch is the watch worn by those of the Navy Seals in the United States Navy today. This type of watch offers the crucial features of temp readings, depth, time and many more as well.

Seiko offers the Dive Collection watch. Up to 650 feet of water resistant abilities and time and date and temp readings and many more readings this watch is a good choice. Suunto also offers two watches. The Mosquito Pro Dive has a digital display which is better while down with a mask over your face. Even though this watch is only resistant to about 350 feet it is only a choice for shallower divers. The D6 are computerized scuba diving watches that show a good watch that has room to store data and other things you may need as well.

The watch you pick should be the watch you want and will use. If you dive in shallow waters then you will need to wear something that is better for shallower water and can still get all the measurements as well. If you are a deeper diver you are going to need those other choices you might want a watch with a 500 feet water resistance or a digital display.


Why Every Man Should Own A High Quality Fine Watch

Generally men are not typically concerned about fashion. Although there are always exceptions to the rule, men usually let women pick their clothing. Even though you may not care much for fashion, there are some things you can do to demonstrate a sense of fashion.

A great item such as a fine watch should be a part of every man's wardrobe. A watch for a man can be a fashion statement in and of itself. A high end watch that is in good taste will add some tasteful flair to your wardrobe. Recently watches have returned as the new fashion statement for men. Men can express their personality through a choice of a good watch.

To find the right watch for you it is important to shop around a little. Searching online for a watch will help you to avoid the mall. By looking online you can also look for watches that allow you to express yourself without judgment.

Many men have owned a variety of cheaper watches throughout their lifetime, but until you find a high end watch you are merely toting a watch out of necessity. Timex is not necessarily a high end watch nor is Casio or any other watch with a plastic or cheap metal band. These are generally for everyday wear and sports activities. That is fine since they are intended for that.

If you are ready for a nice watch that will last and be a family heirloom someday then there are some names you may want to consider.

Some watch names to look for are TAG Heuer or even Rolex. Both are made of superb quality and style. Either watches brand is high end and bound to become a treasured family heirloom.

TAG Heuer has the Aqua racer collection. They are quart crystal watches which are very accurate and dependable. There are several to choose from and all equally beautiful timepieces.

Another popular and classic brand of watches is Rolex. They have been around for a long time and are often referred to as the king of all the watches. They are watches to pass down from generation to generation. The Cellini watch is simple in design but classy as ever.

Regardless of your idea on fashion, there is no reason you can't make a statement with a classy high end watch. The difference once you have one on your wrist may surprise you. Once you wear a beautiful watch you may never pull out the others again. The confidence you may feel from owning such a timepiece will help you feel more successful. A fine watch will be a timeless heirloom to pass on for generations to come.


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